From the biodiverse rainforest world of the Amazon to the heady rhythm of Rio's 'Carnaval', South America's largest country dazzles with character, colour and contrast. Combine its natural wonders of waterfalls, wetlands, coral reefs and rainforest with the buzzing metropolis of Rio, or charming old-world colonial town of Paraty and prepare for holiday perfection.

15 days
From £4970
Classic Brazil

A superb, luxury 15 night trip exploring the highlights of Brazil.

23 days
From £13430
Wildlife of Brazil

This exciting three-week luxury journey covers many different habitats and encounters a variety of unique flora and fauna.

Attractions in BRAZIL


The impenetrable Amazon rainforest covers a huge swathe of Brazil while numerous national parks offer every possible habitat from wetlands to mountains. When talking about biodiversity it is impossible not to mention Brazil.

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Attractions in BRAZIL


As the most biodiverse country in the world and home to the world's largest rainforest - the Amazon - and the world's largest wetland - the Pantanal - wildlife enthusiasts are in for a treat.

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