Nothing compares to the rugged beauty of the Poles!

Antarctica: the remote, frozen wilderness of the Southern Ocean is accessible from around October to April offering grand landscapes and unique species preserved by the Antarctic Treaty. A place akin with explorers, adventurers and documentary makers, wild Antarctic shores are increasingly drawing well-seasoned wildlife travellers who embrace the chance to see Mother Nature's biggest stage - while they still can. Cruises embark at Ushuaia with some trips beginning from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Arctic: the 'Land of the Midnight Sun' offers the chance to see polar bears, immerse yourself in Viking history and catch the Northern Lights. During the brief Arctic summer from June to August/September, the sea ice recedes enough to explore this region by expedition ship, with cruises to Svalbard leaving from the Norweigan port of Longyearbyen (not in the Americas at all...) but listed here as part of our Polar programme.

10 days
From £9079
Natural Wonders of Svalbard

The ultimate Svalbard cruise on a small, capable expedition vessel.

19 days
From £10947
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Explorer

Explores one of the last untamed areas on Earth – a land of ruggedly beautiful landscapes and amazingly varied wildlife.

12 days
From £11418
The Antarctic Peninsula

Join a polar expedition cruise to the heart of the icy realm - the Antarctic Peninsula.

Attractions in POLAR REGIONS


An expedition style cruise is the best way to experience the unique beauty of Antarctica.

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Attractions in POLAR REGIONS


Antarctica is teeming with wildlife - prepare to be enchanted.

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