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Looking for adventure? Or perhaps peaceful tranquillity?  Somewhere off the beaten track?  Then let us tell you about Mashpi Lodge, a hidden gem set in a lush rainforest with sensational views and accessible only to its privileged guests.  More than just a luxury hotel in an ethereal location, this hotel is passionate about sustainable tourism and conservation of the natural world.

The biodiversity of the area is astounding.  The tropical forest presents a vast array of flora, from ferns to bromeliads, to colourful orchids, many of which have only recently been discovered. The forest is also home to 400 different species birds, along with monkeys, peccaries, and pumas. You may also be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the elusive invertebrates and amphibians that inhabit this world.

The lodge’s rooms and suites are beautiful appointed, with floor-to-ceiling windows designed to make the most of the stunning scenery.  Soft lighting provides a magical touch, and automatic blinds can be adjusted to natural light levels.

Wind your way down the path through the lush foliage to the Wellness Centre and relax and rejuvenate in the open-air hot tub, enjoy a variety of beauty and body treatments offered by expert staff, or practice yoga and meditate on the deck.

As you would expect, dining at Mashpi Lodge is a gastronomical delight. From the towering dining room, enjoy a variety of exquisite dishes all sourced from local, fresh ingredients and prepared by talented chefs who draw inspiration from the diversity of Ecuadorian cuisine.

The bar is the perfect spot to meet, pre or post dinner, and where you can enjoy an exotic array of cocktails, all expertly prepared by the mixologist. An extensive wine list of fine wines makes the perfect pairing for dinner.

You’ll find lots to do at Mashpi Lodge. There are many trails of varying difficulties to follow, leading to discoveries of beautiful waterfalls and natural viewpoints with breathtaking views, or the lagoon and ponds along with the various species of frogs and other wildlife that thrive in this enchanting area.

For the more adventurous, take a trip on the ‘Sky Bike’ which offers a unique view of the forest canopy.  Designed to take two passengers, one person will pedal the ‘bike’ along the 200m stretch of cable, crossing over a beautiful gorge and flowing river below.  There is also the ‘Dragonfly’ – an open-air cable car spanning across, and sometimes through, the forest.

A visit the the Life Centre is also encouraged where you can learn about the life-cycle of around 300 butterflies and moths that are native to the reserve. It’s also a great place for bird spotting or just relaxing on the deck admiring the scenery and listening to the calls of the mantled howler monkeys.

Mashpi Lodge’s close relationship with the local community is its mission.  Providing the locals as well as employees with job opportunities, professional training, and English classes. Local communities are also the primary providers of any supplies, agricultural or otherwise, that are used at the lodge.

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