Seeing Andean Condors majestically soar on the upcurrents in Peru is a magical experience but getting a glimpse is not easy - you need to venture into either Peru's highest mountain range the Cordillera Blanca or Quechua-country and the jaw-dropping scenery of the Colca Canyon, to see one of the world's largest flying birds.

Whether you are a bird-lover or not, observing a rainbow of macaws at a clay lick is a wonderful spectacle - the best opportunity for this is during the dry season between May and October in the Tambopata National Reserve.

Don't forget the flightless birds - Humboldt penguins are a joy to watch and can be seen along the coast at San Lorenzo, Palomino and the Ballestas.

For those including a stay in the Amazon, spotting an elusive jaguar on the riverbank may be the number one priority, but keep your eyes peeled for the Amazon's other predators: giant river otters, and black caimans.