Ecuador's varied landscape ensures a wide diversity of life. This is further enhanced by its position on the Equator and its distinct zones (Pacific coastal, Andean and Amazon).

The Galapagos Islands - too many wildlife highlights to list but here are a few: seeing and swimming with Galapagos Penguins, the only penguin to live above the Equator, on Bartolomé is very special. Pinnacle Rock is the most recognised landmark in Galapagos and you can climb to the summit for incredible views.We loved Espanola Island - at around 4 million years old, it is one of the archipelago's oldest islands and it is also the southernmost. Gardner Bay has a glorious beach with white sand which is littered with sea lions while on the cliff Waved Albatros do their courtship dance (April-June). Swim with sealions (and turtles) in Urbina Bay, Isabela Island - they love to twist and turn in the bubbles created by your snorkel. See masses of marine iguanas at Punta Espinosa, Fernandina Island. Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station and see Giant Tortoise in the lush highlands of Santa Cruz.

The Rainforest - with around 19 species of monkey and well over one thousand species of birds, you have plenty to look for in the Amazon forest. In addition, river dolphins, giant otters, caimans and anacondas can be seen in certain areas. Look out for sloths, jaguars, armadillos and ant-eaters.